How It Works

Tripid helps you find and coordinate with other people heading the same way you are.

You can search for trips or post one of your own.

After joining a trip, buddies can chat with one another.

Users can approve other people who join their trip.

Passengers pay drivers using Tripid Credits.

You can search for trips and join the ones you like.

Browse all trips available on Tripid, or search for specific trips.

When you join a trip, your request is sent to the driver for approval.

You can also post your own trip for others to join.

You can post your trip as a driver or request for a ride as a passenger.

Approve people who join your trip. Check out their profiles and ratings before approving them.

Drivers must have at least one registered car before joining or posting trips.

Passengers must have sufficient Tripid credits in their wallet before joining or posting trips.

Send messages your trip buddies.

Once approved, you can chat privately with your trip buddies.

Inform them about changes in your schedule, or simply get to know them more.

Help us keep track of your trip.

When the driver presses the Start Trip button, passengers can then confirm their attendance.

When the passenger presses the I Attended This Trip button, the passenger's ride is confirmed.

Don't sweat the small change.

Passengers pay drivers using Tripid Credits, which are sent to the driver's Wallet once a passenger confirms his or her ride.

You can rate and review your trip buddies.

After the trip, you can log onto the site and rate your trip buddies.

Ratings are enabled after the driver presses Start Trip. Passengers must confirm their attendance before being able to rate their driver and fellow passengers.

Ready to get started?

Ride with other people heading the same way.